Hal McCoy, Hall of Fame baseball sportswriter
Ask Hal Column: Dayton Daily News

Question: "Hal, over your career, you've dined at some of the best restaurants in the Country.  In your opinion, what's been your favorite?"

Answer: "My favorite restaurant in the United States is right here in Dayton, Ohio. It's the Oakwood Club."

A note from Bill Hosket, former Dayton resident and standout with the Belmont H.S. State Basketball Champs. Bill is a member of the OSU Hall of Fame and former NBA star.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you and your staff for the great experience we had at your restaurant the week between Christmas and New Years. It was First Class. My wife and I live in Columbus and are jealous of the Dayton crowd.  There is nothing close to the Oakwood Club in Columbus."  - Bill Hosket

Kim Faris, radio personality for 30-plus years at Hot Country 94.5 FM: "My favorite restaurant, the Oakwood Club."

September, 2013 posted to

"Date night...very special date night as hubby has been house bound for about 6 weeks, and there was no question this is where he wanted to go! It's become our restaurant of choice over the past year. Never mind we spent the last 20 years ignoring it until someone gave us a gift certificate last Christmas and we "rediscovered" it.

The majority of the time I go for the Chef's special...last night it was veal with cranberries and walnuts over wild rice. So good. Whenever possible they use local fresh ingredients, and I'll always remember the Cucumber Soup and Fresh Tomato brushetta from last summer. Oh...and the pineapple salsa over Lake Erie Whitefish (and they've never had it since). Everything I have here is wonderful.

Waitress always kids hubby because he orders the same thing...he say's if you find perfection why stray? Now she makes recommendations for him, and when he agrees he's expanding his horizons too and finding new favorites.    Return factor: 100%. Life is good."

April, 2013 posted to

"Probably one of the best dines in Dayton. I've been here 20+ times and it always impresses me with its consistency.

The mood is low light, accompanied by a full bar with 25-30 seats and plenty of tables to dine. It is upscale/casual, you can get away with wearing jeans as long as you look dapper. 

The food is top notch. The steak is my favorite, cooked just the way you ask and is served with two sides of your choice (7 items tops) and a salad (house ranch is the best I've ever had). You won't leave here feeling hungry. The menu features beef and chop specials, seafood, Oakwood club specialties, and light entrees. You will find something that interests you here.  The dining experience will definitely pull you in for another drink or two as well.

The locals and the history of the Oakwood Club make it one of the must go-to restaurants in the Dayton area. If you're on your first date or 100th -- this is the place to go. Loves it." 

January, 2013 - posted to Active

"My husband and I just returned from the Oakwood Club.  It was wonderful! The service was impeccable and the owner/chef came to our table to congratulate us on our wedding anniversary.

This had been our first visit and we were very impressed.. I had the petite filet and my husband had the chefs special. The Roquefort dressing is to die for and I asked for the secret. I was told that the sister had perfected it years ago and was a closely held family secret. Argh!  We will definitely return.  Thank you for a memorable 25 th anniversary."

"The ownership, Mr. Lance Stewart, and the entire staff make the Oakwood Club a very special dining experience. A can't miss in the Dayton, Ohio area!" -

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